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The Business Essential Series is a powerful set of short HR training films that will address the core and essential training required by every organization.


The Business Essential Series is a powerful set of short HR training films that will address the core and essential trainings required by every organization including teamwork, cybersecurity, customer service, harassment, workplace violence, effective meetings, interviewing and inclusion.

Number of Videos: 23
Total Duration: 2 hr 35 min 25 sec

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Trainings Included

Essential to the Team (Short Version)

It is one thing to call a group of individuals a team. It is another thing for that group of individuals to actually function as a team. Teamwork is the concept of people working together cooperatively. As a team player or manager, it is beneficial to learn about effective communication, conflict resolution, and how everyone is enriched from respect, support, and appreciation.

Duration 6 min


Americans are more worried about cybercrime than being a victim of a violent crime. And with good reason. Any computer connected to the internet is vulnerable, and most users are not properly trained to avert cyber attacks. Hackers are becoming more sophisticated in their attempt to confiscate email accounts and employee data. When your employees are at risk, your business is at risk.

Duration 4 min 50 sec

Customer Service: Communication

Every person that walks into your store or contacts you phone or online is entitled to your respect, your assistance, and your undivided attention - yet 80% of shoppers have stopped buying from online stores after they experienced poor customer service. This is a lost opportunity because great customer service translates into more sales and repeat customers. Communication is the key.

Duration 4 min 20 sec

Customer Service: Reasons to Excel

The term Call Center is not just a department, it is a reflection of the company. And everyone in the company must agree they need customers. If you work for pay, the customer guarantees your paycheck. A company wishing to excel should know the best strategy to increase profits is to provide great customer service through phone and email support, web forms, chat rooms, and social media.

Duration 3 min and 50 sec

Customer Service: How to Excel

The internet makes complaining easy - but comments and statistics are the roadmap to marketing and improvement. Statistically, consumers are engaged, informed, and have limited time to make purchases. Do not lose them due to poor customer service, poor marketing techniques, poor order processing, or poor technical support.

Duration 5 min

Customer Service: Skills Required

It takes a very special individual to excel at customer service. The skilled individual is adaptable, articulate, attentive, caring, compassionate, confident, curious, flexible, friendly, goal-oriented, helpful, motivated, kind, patient, persuasive, a problem-solver, and tenacious. Now for those who may not possess every quality, please be assured they can be learned and serve you well throughout your career.

Duration 5 min 40 sec

Customer Service: Difficult Customers

The best way to handle a difficult customer is to put the word "difficult" in perspective. A customer perceived as difficult may be more in the eyes of the customer service representative or company than the customer. Customers react to stress and disappointment in a variety of ways. They need someone with whom they can vent, someone who will provide a quick solution.

Duration 5 min 25 sec

Email Effectiveness

Email is the preferred choice of communicating for most of us - and most of us are overwhelmed by the amount of emails we receive each day. In fact, we spend 13 hours a week or 28% of the workweek managing emails. While millennials prefer improvised texting for personal use, companies expect thoroughly planned, professional emails and has no time for leisure banter.

Duration 5 min

Meetings: Why and When

It can be said meetings are often counterproductive., In the U.S. alone, 11 million formal business meetings occur every day and waste $37 billion in unnecessary meetings each year. Managers attend more than 60 meetings per month - and 37% of employee time is spent in meetings. Learn valuable tips that will greatly reduce, if not eliminate, unnecessary meetings.

Duration 4 min

Meetings: Concise and Profitable

Meetings reflect the openness, dynamics, and self-image of the organization., It is where collective ideas transform into great projects. But often, meetings seem disorganized, even a poor use of time. What is the answer? Train every employee on the components of a successful meeting. Bring everyone onto the same page as to meeting content, length, and presentation style.

Duration 4 min 30 sec

Meetings: Agenda and Minutes

Creating an agenda and keeping a meeting short and to the point has never been easier. The meeting agenda template included with the film has been specially designed to ensure brevity and organization. The informal minutes capture the essence of the meeting and are meant to provide an outline and brief summary of what was discussed, what decisions were made, and who is responsible for taking action.

Duration 5 min

Cellphones: Manners vs Rudeness

No one owns the planet, we share it. And with such insight, we should consider politeness, consideration, and compassion. Cell phones are a marvelous invention; however, if its use causes carelessness, excessive stress and inconsideration, it can be seen as a nuisance, a health hazard, and a deadly distraction. Perhaps simple awareness will keep us from losing additional freedoms.

Duration 5 min 20 sec

Workplace Violence Trilogy

Violence. Prevention. People used to resolve their differences through talking. Now, the tendency is to use violence as the initial problem-solving technique. In fact, one out of four employees are harassed, threatened, or attacked. Worker violence should never be regarded as part of the job. Prevention programs that do not consider harassment in all forms are unlikely to be effective.

Duration 15 min

The Many Faces of Harassment and Discrimination

It takes a lot of talent and a lot of work to build a successful company; and it only takes one person to take it apart brick by brick. Beware., There are employees who are attracted to a hostile work environment. If the work culture isn't abusive, they will manipulate and devalue the staff one by one. They take what functions and make it dysfunctional. Who hired this person? Who enabled this person?

Duration 20 min

Harassment Exposed

Many men have difficulty handling power and money with grace. Intense issues of entitlement and control often go unchecked, thus become the norm. And powerful men who are focused solely on themselves are more likely to objectify others. The men exploit and mistreat others simply because they can get away with it. Victims of chronic harassment can suffer the same psychological effects as rape victims.

Duration 17 min 0 sec

Harassment Prevention

Employees have the legal right to perform their job without being subjected to harassment. Sexual harassment occurs whenever unwelcome conduct on the basis of gender affects a person's job. It can take a serious toll on the victims as well as affect the accused, the coworkers, and the company itself. Harassment also includes any discriminatory action based on gender.

Duration 5 min

Bully in the Workplace

Some bullies are obvious. They may throw thing, slam doors, and insult others. Others may be much more subtle. While appearing to be courteous and reasonable on the surface, they are actually engaging in vicious character attacks and fabricating lies. The bully as never learned to accept responsibility for their behavior. Unfortunately, bullies are poorly developed people.

Duration 5 min 50 sec

Interviewing Job Candidates

From job description to job fulfillment, the process of interviewing job candidates and hiring the right one is quite a responsibility and takes practice and skill. There are six components to the hiring process: job description, job advertisement, applicant selection, job interview preparation, job interview techniques, and job hiring or rejection.

Duration 5 min 25 sec

Interviewing: Cover Letter and Resume

A cover letter can help a job-seeker stand out from the other applicants. You are introducing yourself and making a sales pitch. Give a positive presentation of your experiences and skills. A resume is a document to market your skills and strengths. The sole intention is to land an interview. Learn the information to include and what to exclude. Learn the benefits of proof-reading and editing.

Duration 5 min 5 sec

Interviewing Tips

What is the one quality that will ensure an impressive interview? Preparation, preparation, preparation. If your compelling resume and cover letter land you an interview, it's time to prepare for the actual interview; and there's no better way than to anticipate and prepare for the questions. Learn how to address specific questions the interviewer may ask.

Duration 4 min

Disability Without Borders

The government wants more people with disabilities to be gainfully employed; but many employers are scared of the unknown. People with disabilities represent an untapped labor force of talented, dedicated people - and an exceptional workplace is comprised on people of all abilities. Keep in mind that people with disabilities have inspired innovations such as closed-captioning, voice activation, and spell check.

Duration 8 min 10 sec

Mentoring Veterans

The military is known as the nation's biggest group of international ambassadors. Brave, dedicated, and well-trained, they serve our nation well: natural disaster relief, food and humanitarian relief, rescue operations, and medical assistance in impoverished areas. Once their service is complete, they return home eager to use their skills in the private sector.

Duration 3 min 55 sec

Go Green at Work

The environment has been abused for a long time and it is not as resilient as we once thought. Every business generates waste - and it costs money. Individuals and businesses are now finding ways to improve recycling, reduction in energy use, emission reduction, and reduction in the use of aerosols. Whether going green is individual or business-based, the savings benefits the community and the planet.

Duration 7 min 5 sec
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