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Unlock the Employee Excellence Series! Inspiring films to empower your team and managers, fostering cooperation, productivity, and innovative thinking.


The Employee Excellence Series is a collection of powerful films that will inspire your employees and managers to challenge their way of thinking and become more cooperative and productive and help drive your organization to the next level.

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Orientation for New Hires

Whether online or in-store, selling a product or performing a service, companies that put their employees first are usually the most successful in reaching their long-term goals. Most successful organizations thrive on good management and employee relations. Managers deserve your respect and a good day's work. The employee deserves to be treated as a valuable member of the team.

Duration 6 min

Orientation for Leaders

A good leader is sensitive to the needs of their staff., They know employees perform at their best when they are happy, knowledgeable, and motivated. They treat their employees with respect and as a valued member of the team. They know good relationships are based on trust and honesty. Most important, a good manager sets the example of appropriate behavior and commitment to excellence.

Duration 5 min 35 sec

Right Attitude Right Results

One narrator describes what qualities comprise the human structure while another narrator describes the structure for a successful business; thus we learn the many qualities that comprise a great employee and a successful organization. See how an ambitious employee knows that learning business skills leads to economic prosperity. See how a sensitive employee is respectful of coworkers.

Duration 27 min 50 sec

Qualities of a Great Employee

Is a great employee born or made? Good if not great employees are important in any business. They are dependable, creative, passionate, and inspire others to be better employees. When looking to add staff to your workplace, though knowledge is an asset, it can be taught. What is essential for an employee to achieve greatness is to have a great sense of personal security, an innate confidence that exudes passion.

Duration 3 min

Organization Culture for Learning

Learning is a natural process. Transformational learning is the expansion of one's beliefs and mindsets. It challenges how we see and do things. The problem with the status quo is that it avoids examination and may hamper growth. We all need to continuously learn and improve and adapt. It is true that organizations with a transformative culture stay relevant and thrive.

Duration 2 min 35 sec

Essential to the Team

It is one thing to call a group of individuals a team. It is another thing for that group of individuals to actually function as a team. Teamwork is the concept of people working together cooperatively. As a team player or manager, it is beneficial to learn about effective communication, conflict resolution, and how everyone is enriched from respect, support, and appreciation.

Duration 16 min 30 sec

Excellence in Customer Service (Short Version)

Customer service is the art of politely listening and responding to the needs of the valued customer in a professional and timely manner. Good service with a kind, understanding voice will exude confidence and compassion to the valued customer. Even the most difficult customer can benefit from your tact, poise, and steadiness. Also included: phone presentation, emails, faxes, manners.

Duration 7 min 15 sec

Excellence in Customer Service

Customer service is the art of politely listening and responding to the needs of the valued customer in a professional and timely manner. Good service with a kind, understanding voice will exude confidence and compassion to the valued customer. Even the most difficult customer can benefit from your tact, poise, and steadiness. Also included: phone presentation, emails, faxes, manners.

Duration 13 min 5 sec

Adapting to Change

We all wish for things to be better and more effective yet often dread, if not fear, the steps for improvement and our current routine. Many people think they can control the environment around them when, in fact, all we can control is our thoughts and reactions. By learning to accept that change is natural, we can begin to adapt more quickly.

Duration 4 min

Mistakes are Valuable Teachers

As children, we were taught to distinguish right from wrong and to get the answer right. In fact, to be right was so important that, when wrong, our first reactions were perhaps to deny it, get defensive, blame others, or internalize it. As adults, it is no wonder why so many people fear making mistakes - even to the point of viewing failure as permanent and success as temporary. What if we consider mistakes to be useful?

Duration 4 min 10 sec

The Strategic Thinker

We all wish for businesses to be healthy, sustainable, and soar. Each day, business owners or managers can spend their time maintaining the systems or, in addition, they can use strategic thinking (analysis, planning, and strategizing). Planning the future of your company in an organized manner is essential to its expansion and increased revenue.

Duration 4 min

Communicating Effectively

Words create impressions, images, and expectations. They influence how we think. Words can inform, words can hurt, and words can reassure. There's a powerful connection between the words we use and the results we get. Poorly chosen words can hamper enthusiasm and affect self-esteem. Well chosen words can motivate and encourage thinking and creativity.

Duration 4 min 30 sec

The Two Minute Mental Break

The average American work 9.2 hours a day. Though American work laws require all full-time employees to take a lunch break, only 1 in 3 coworkers actually take a lunch break. The remaining 2 in 3 eat at their desks and do not take short breaks. In fact, coworkers are often hesitant to even take a break if their manager does not. Taking breaks may reduce headaches, eyestrain, and lower back pain.

Duration 4 min

Habits that Impact Work

For millions of Americans in the workplace, sharing an office with an annoying coworker can be very stressful. In fact, the habits of an annoying coworker are the number one source of stress. Good people could have annoying habits. Of course, what is annoying to one may be endearing to another. But a productive work environment should be free of unnecessary distractions.

Duration 5 min 25 sec

First-Time Manager Tips

Congratulations! You have been selected to be a manager. Some get there by accident, others work their way up the ladder. But now you are here, it's not longer about you, it's about your team. And you have a new challenge, you must prove your effectiveness to your former peers and to your new hires. A first-time manager will discover it takes times to find your footing and know your direction.

Duration 7 min 12 sec

Discipline in the Workplace

A good manager knows disciplining employees is part of the job. A great manager knows the purpose of discipline is to correct behavior instead of punishing or embarrassing an employee. Indeed, most employees strive for excellence - and they greatly benefit from guidance and understanding instead of diminishing remarks or threats. Employees need feedback on what they are doing right or doing wrong.

Duration 5 min 25 sec

Organizing Your Workspace

In every moment, you can savor time or squander time. Did you know the average executive wastes six weeks a year searching for paper? It is essential to organize your workspace as well as your thoughts. Put everything in its place and think positive. Starting with your desk, only keep things you constantly need. Work needs space and most of the clutter on your desk is probably paper.

Duration 6 min 50 sec

Overcoming Procrastination

Let's rethink the term Time Management. We cannot manage time but we can manage ourselves in a timely manner. To achieve productivity is to avoid procrastination. Cause include waiting for the right mood, a fear of failure, a fear of success, undeveloped decision-making skills, poor organizational skills, and perfectionism. The only difference between busy and being productive is results.

Duration 5 min 57 sec

Tech Leadership Code to Success

IT is the use of any computers, storage, networking and other physical devices, infrastructure and processes to create, process, store, secure and exchange all forms of electronic data. The IT leader must bring all of the workers together; and the leaders must have knowledge and experience to become a well-rounded professional. The IT leader must be a visionary, a project manager, and a specialist in operational excellence.

Duration 6 min 35 sec
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