Municipal Government Training

Government online training programs for municipal/city employees.


The following programs are the result of a nationwide study of municipal orientation practices. Produced in cooperation with seven different cities, they provide the first ever realistic audio-visual orientation training of benefit to all cities from the largest to the smallest. This series is similar to the Government Employee series, but was designed just for cities and just for new employee orientation, not refresher training.

Number of Videos: 5

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Price Per Employee: $10.25

Trainings Included

Customer Service

This video shows what is takes for municipal employees to provide good customer service to the public and to fellow staff members.

Duration 11 min 35 sec

Dealing With Difficult Citizens

This video follows five difficult situations municipal staff members have faced in the past from the beginning of the incident to its successful conclusion, and includes explanations of how to assess the situation, how to position yourself, how to interact with the other person and how to slowly take control of the situation.

Duration 10 min 13 sec

Preventing Accidents

In this program, new employees are learning what every municipal employee must do to prevent work-related injuries and experienced employees judge if they have been doing their part to maintain those safety standards.

Duration 10 min 09 sec

Municipal Ethics

This video examines the ethical principles common to all municipal codes of ethics. Through realistic situations, new employees learn the ethical practices expected of them and experienced employees are questioned about how well they are still meeting those expectations.

Duration 12 min 11 sec

Standards of Conduct

Citizens expect their municipal agencies to be run efficiently and professionally. In this video new employees see what it takes to be a professional staff member, and experienced employees are asked questions to see if they are still the professional they think they are.

Duration 11 min 39 sec
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