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What do I need to take the training?

If you are using our streaming license you can run the training on a desktop or mobile device using your browser. If you are using our SCORM license then you will need a Learning Management System to upload our training to.

Do you offer DVDs or USBs?

Sorry we do not. We only offer streaming and SCORM formats.

How do I roll out the training?

For streaming licenses, we provide a set of prebuilt instructions in our admin portal that you can copy and email or print off and give you to your employees. For SCORM, you will roll out the training through your LMS by assigning the training to your employees there.

Does my staff have to do the training in one sitting?

No, our training is broken into convenient training modules that they can take over multiple sittings.

Do you provide a final exam or other testing?

No, we currently do not provide testing but are considering it based on customer demand.


What types of licenses do you offer?

We offer two types of formats/licenses:

Streaming: Straight video streaming no LMS (Learning Management System) required. The license is per year and for up to X number of employees.

SCORM: For use with an LMS (Learning Management System). The license is per year and for up to X number of employees.

Can I have multiple people view the training?

Yes you can as long as the total number of employees is accounted for in your license.


What is the minimum number of licenses I can purchase?

Our licenses start at 100 seats or lower.

Can I get a multi-year discount?

Yes we offer the following multi-year discount:

Discount Year
0% 1 Years
10% 2 Years
15% 3 Years
20% 4 Years
25% 5 Years

Group Training

Do you offer training that an organization can use to train its employees?

Yes we do.

Who is the organizational training for?

Organizational training is for employers/groups that need to train their employees. It provides a single shared login that all employees can login to as well as potential group pricing discounts.

How does organizational training work?

Our organizational training option includes a shared multi-user account setup. It involves zero administration as it does not require you to setup user names and passwords. Once your account is setup, everyone logs in using the same username/password. They take the training and once they are complete, each individual takes the final exam. On successfully passing the final exam, each individual enters their name on their certificate and gets a generated pdf certificate immediately for them to save or print off. A copy of that certificate with transcript scores are automatically emailed to the administrator's email address on the account.

So all you have to do is give everyone the username/password, let them take the training, and sit back and get an email copy as everyone finishes the training. It couldn't be easier.

Do you offer volume discounts?

Yes we do. Your pricing is based on the initial number of seats you purchase:

Qty of Training Seats Pricing Per Seat
1 - 9 $29.99
10-24 $24.99
25 - 49 $23.99
50 - 99 $22.99
100 - 200 $19.99
200+ See Custom Quote above

If I purchase seats after my intial purchase do I still get a volume discount?

Your future pricing is based on your intial purchase. So if you bought 25 seats, your pricing would be $23.99 for those 25 seats and also for any future seats you purchased.

How do I sign up for the organizational training option? I don't see a signup on your site.

To signup for an organizational account, simply add the desired number of seats to your shopping cart and then checkout. The account will then be enabled for that number of licenses. If you need to add licenses in the future, you can do so using the Add More Licenses link when you login to your admin dashboard.

Is there any charge for keeping the training account active?

No we only charge on a pay per use basis. If you do not use it, you do not pay anything.

How do you handle billing beyond the initial seats purchased?

If you need to add licenses in the future, you can do so using the Add More Licenses link when you login to your admin dashboard.

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